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brushes for stencils The Atelier brushes for stencils

Dodal's progress

The 22 Dodal trumps (on the right is sheet I) are printed on two sheets of 320g. English-made Atlantis paper, bleach-free and guaranteed to yellow gently with age.

The black line is taken directly from the originals in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. There are no changes or additions.

The colours are gouaches, the brushes hand-made of boar bristle.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, stencils were made of oiled cardboard. Often the colours were applied by children working by candlelight. The results of course were less than precise, and the stencils wore out rapidly. For our re-edition, the stencils have been cut in zinc. The back (paper side) is regularly greased to assure the cleanest possible result.

Dodal sheet I, black-and-white sheet

The light colours always go on first.

Dodal sheet I, hermit's mustache stencil
Dodal sheet I, large light blue stencil
Dodal sheet I, light blue print
Dodal sheet I, flesh stencil

Dodal sheet I, two colours

Dodal sheet I, yellow stencil

Dodal sheet I, green tree-trunk stencil

Dodal sheet I, large green stencil

Dodal sheet I, four colours

red stencil

Dodal sheet I, five colours
Dodal sheet I, dark blue stencil
Dodal sheet I
Dodal sheet II
cut cards

The two sheets are then varnished, cut, and assembled into decks.

Both the Noblet and Dodal tarots are produced in this way.

decks and booklets
To purchase either of these decks, or uncut sheets, go to the Boutique

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