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In response to a growing demand for a deeper study of the origins of
Tarot symbology, historian, translator and author David Vine offers new,
definitive English translations of the 1781 French essays of Antoine
Court de Gébelin and the comte de Mellet.

Meticulously researched and
lavishly annotated, these translated texts are supported by biographical
and historical analyses, in the debut volume of Vintage Tarot Texts.

Vintage Tarot Texts

229 pages

64 euros

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Vintage Tarot Texts

229 pages

Price: 64,00 €

Tarot of Jean Noblet, 78 cards

This tarot is available for the first time in 350 years ! The booklet includes historical information as well as commentaries on the major arcana, Flornoy`s text `The Journey of the Soul`

Price: 22,00 €

Tarot of Jacques Viéville, major arcana

132 x 73 mm`

Price: 20,00 €

Leather case for the complete,78-card Jean Noblet tarot. Also available in black


Price: 28,00 €

Tarot Jean Dodal, major arcana only: hand-stencilled

Price: 42,00 €

Tarot Jean Dodal, major arcana only: hand-stencilled uncut sheets

Price: 38,00 €

Leather case (for majors-only Dodal and Viéville tarots). Also available in black

Price: 28,00 €

Eclatées de couleur Dodal: 14 uncut sheets

Price: 90,00 €

Seeing the World: Tarot Signposts on the Path to Perception, 332 pages

Price: 24,00 €


Replica of a 52-card deck first edited in this French town in 1792. Booklet in English. 20 € + shipping

Price: 20,00 €

Tarot of Jean Dodal, 78 cards 132 x 73 mm

Price: 25,00 €

Leather case for the complete 78-card Jean Dodal tarot. Also available in black

Price: 32,00 €

Jean Noblet Tarot, major arcana only: hand-stencilled, 60 x 93 mm

Atlantis paper, 320 grams. Faithful to the original conserved at the French National Library

Price: 38,00 €

Jean Noblet Tarot major arcana: hand-stencilled uncut sheets

Price: 34,00 €

Leather case (for majors-only tarot Jean Noblet). Also available in black


Price: 26,00 €

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