Jean-Michel David in Australia currently chairs the international and Australian-based Association for Tarot Studies, a mine of information:

Enrique Enriquez is a tarot reader in New York devoted to the study and use of source tarots as a universal language. He has contributed a text to this site.

An excellent, encyclopedic tarot and playing cards museum:

Robert Mealing is a talented graphic designer and photographer. He is responsible for the box design of the complete Noblet edition and the cover of Flornoy’s book (in French) “Le Pelèrinage des Bateleurs”. His elegant site concerning the history of the tarot:

If you’ve been doing some writing, before submitting it to the wider world your text must of course be
re-read for coherence and checked for mistaykes.
Les Cross is the person to contact :
He’s good-humored, patient and smart.

Erika Meriaux is a French artist living in the San Francisco bay area.
She is embarking on a project of major arcana paintings:

This site, in its original French-language (and more complete) version:


For those who plan to walk to Compostelle, here is probably the best walking stick available: the celbrated “makhila”made by Ainciart Bergara
at Larressore in northern Basque country.